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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  January 11, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc i'm shocked. one parents' recollection at a san jose elementary school where a teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a child on campus. i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. amy hollyfield is live at the school. how long has he worked there? >> reporter: he's in here nine years. people are very upset parents and faculty. one teacher told us she's
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devastated. they have five psychologists on campus today to answer questions. some parents at whaley elementary in san jose said they had frank, tough s with their kids last night. -- they admit they don't have all the answers. >> we where stpbled and shocked. oh my god is it true is it not weekend >> reporter: craig chandler is in jail. administrators say parents aren't the only ones who are outraged. >> it is like your worst nightmare. you never want to ever believe that anybody that you know could even be accused of something like this. >> reporter: district officials were on campus this morning to greet children and answer their parents' questions. they sent a letter home with the kids in the accused teacher's class. some other parents just found out about the arrest this morning.
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>> wow! i'm shocked. >> i'm going to let her know, i didn't know this. i'm in chills, oh my gosh. >> reporter: parents who know chandler say he always seemed like a nice, caring teacher. >> that's one of the things i'm more in shock because i always see that teacher one of the most charming teachers here. that's evil. >> reporter: administrators say they want parents to though that children's safety is their first priority and looking into whether they need to do more to protect them. >> we felt we had a lot of those things in place we have to continue to pursue many, many things. we are looking at many options. >> reporter: administrators plan to send a letter home with details about the arrest with the rest of the student
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body today. police are concerned that there may be other victims. they are encouraging anyone with any information that could help them with their investigation to come forward. >> sorry about the audio problem. >> man suspected of raping three women in san francisco's mission district will make his first court appearance in a few hours. frederick dozier faces rape, assault and attempted murder charges he could face 100 years in prison if convicted. he was a food serve in the unified school district until monday when he was fired. he was convicted of a misdemeanor in san mateo in 2007. in san jose police investigating a double stabbing and shooting outside a restaurant and bar early this morning. a bystander flagged down officers after shots with were fired in the 500 block of west alma avenue. investigators say all three victims were men and were taken to a nearby hospital in
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private vehicles. the victims' injuries are considered none life-threatening. police won't say -- won't say whether the men had come out of that restaurant. source tell abc7 news that san francisco's new sheriff is likely to be charged in the next day or two with misdemeanor domestic violence. newly sworn in sheriff ross mirkarimi allegedly grabbed his wife's arm hard enough to leave a bruise even new year's eve. if convicted mirkarimi would not be allowed to carry a gun, which is not a requirement of the office of sheriff. his wife iliana lopez says the incident has been taken out of context. she did not file a complaint, one of her friends called police. investigators say they have video of the bruise and text message as that back up the claim. oakland police department has disciplined two officers for violating department policy when responding to occupy oakland protests. someone at last november's protest posted this video of the two officers online kafptd according to the bay citizen the department suspended officer for thirty days for
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covering his name badge with back tape. and the lieutenant was demoted for failing to properly report the incident. these are the first known disciplinary actions the department has taken following hundreds of police misconduct complaints by occupy protesters. the department still investigating the case of the iraq war veteran who suffered a fractured skull during a clash between poe protesters and police last october. >>rancisco police say a few officers inadvertently tipped off a few protesters to a planned raid last month. the officers made comments on twitter and facebook revealing a raid was imminent. now the department is implementing new social media restrictions as a result of the leak. officials say those in charge of running raids would avoid telling officers of their plans until just before they happen. one major u.s. company is cutting jobs. archer daniels midland plans
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to eliminate 1,000 jobs, 15% of its workforce to boost productivity and profits. the company is a worldwide company based in decatur, illinois it processes crops and makes food ingredients and ships grain overseas. president obama today called on american companies to insource jobs. he convened a forum on how to increase employment and bring back jobs that were moved overseas. he wants to reward companies that invest in america and eliminate tax breaks for companies that don't. he made a moral argument against outsourceing. >> the president: my message to business leaders today is simple, ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to the country that made our success possible. i'm going to do in my power to help you do it. >> mr. obama praised businesses large and small that have brought jobs back to the u.s., including the u.s. auto industry.
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the president highlighted american productivity and decreasing costs of doing business at home. it is on to south carolina for mitt romney following his win in the new hampshire primary. he's the first republican candidate to sweep both iowa and new hampshire since 9 toon 76. south rolina is where -- since 1976. south carolina is where his opponents hope to his momentum. >> reporter: mitt romney is being i could about his chances in south carolina saying he's not overly confident he will win, just hopeful. he sure seems to be campaigning as the pruplted republican nominee and attacking president obama. mitt romney made winning new hampshire look easy. >> people said we want a guy who spent time in the private sector not someone who spent their entire life in washington. >> reporter: his 0 -- rick perry is attacking romney's work as a venture capitalist paging hims agreed did and out of touch with middle -- america.
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>> i get it about job creation, i understand the difference between venture capital and vulture capitalism. >> reporter: perry, gingrich and santorum going after romney's past positions on abortion, gun control and health care, hoping to make him less desirable to the ultra conservative christians of south carolina. >> he signed government mandated health care with taxpayer funded abortions. >> reporter: ron paul placed second and seemed fire up in south carolina this morning. >> sometimes if you are in second place they talk about the first and the third place. last night it was a little bit different they had a little harder time avoiding the real conversation. >> reporter: of third. >> i say third place is a ticket to ride ladies and gentlemen! [ applause ] >> reporter: the front-runner called south carolina an uphill battle. the last time he competed in a primary there he came in fourth. his strategy is clear. he's pitting himself against not only his republican virals, but president obama.
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>> i think to post-up against barack obama it is essential to have a of credibility on the economy the economy is what i know what i've done all my life that's why i think i'm the best go guy to go up against him. >> reporter: the south carolina primary is january 21st. still ahead -- the main suspect in the disappearance of american natalee holloway admits to murder of another woman. what he said in his confession today. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in union city with the story of a couple of young men honored today for what they did last week. they saw a home burning, raced to it got there before firefighters and helped honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible.
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. the main suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway has pleaded guilty in the 2010 murder of a peruvian woman. in court today joran van der sloot said he was truly sorry for the killing of stefani flores. he killed her as a result of extreme psychological trauma he suffered from the fall-out over the holloway case his attorney said. he faces 30 years in prison, he will be sentenced friday. nat heat holloway disappeared in 2005 on -- natalee holloway disappeared in 2005. she was on a high school trip in aruba, where joran van der sloot grew up. the 10th and verse
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-- in 29 president obama signed an executive order to close guantanamo bay within a year congressional road s have stalled efforts to make that happen. last july, 171 were still detained there at its height the prison held more than 750. this morning two good samaritans who saved an elderly union city couple from their burning home were honored as heroes. i was an emotional first reunion between the -- it was an emotional first reunion between between them. >> you don't see people like that much any more. >> reporter: he's talking about acts tan by complete strangers last week after -- about actions taken by complete strangers last week.
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kevin and jonathan both of fremont were working nearby. they were not closest to the scene they were a mile and a half away. when they saw the smoke they went there to see if they could help out. >> they found them inhuczv/$ the yard trying to exit the property with flames of smoke coming out of house obstructing their access to a gate that had to be opened from the frontyard. >> i asked if anybody else was left in the house. they said no. he did mention that he had two cats that were in there. >> i don't even remember. >> reporter: sam's main concern was his 77-year-old wife who he rescued from the house moments before. >> grabbed her up and drug her. she is a semi invalid. when we got outside, i don't -- >> i rushed the wife over to the house next door.
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and she went inside. >> and he stuck around and was talking to the fire department. >> he took care of us very well. >> reporter: in recognition the two received certificates of commendation for doing something that turned a possible tragedy into something else. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> spare the air is the first thing to talk about outside right now you can see some of the haze hanging around some of the pollution, the worst in cupertino followed by santa rosa and oakland. a couple more of these and record highs in your forecast we'll talk about that rain for next week. a message on self-acceptance. the online push happening now to create a new barbie. how safe is your orange juice? what the fda is doing now after tests showed your drink could contain a potentially harmful pesticide.
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new facebook campaign to create a cancer barbie is gaining momentum. the facebook page has more than 13,000 fans. people are pushing for mattel to create a beautiful and bald barbie to help young girls who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments or other medical treatments.
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if mattel agrees supporters of the movement hope part of the proceeds will go to st. jude's. time for a check on the forecast. a spare the air day the first one of the winter, plus 12. >> plus 12 exactly, 13, eight so far exceeded national standards. when we have them they are usually spot on. you can look outside tahoe much cleaner up there. we've been talking about the rain, everybody is keen on the rain they want to know if that translates into snow. the same system, the same pattern shift next week will bring snow to the sierra probably above 6,000 feet where the best snow will fall probably be a wet snow also storms coming from the pacific ocean instead of through candidate you can see the haze hanging around this morning as we look north from emeryville. let's talk about those temperatures, 60 half moon bay, we have low 50s up in the north bay valleys, come a long way since upper 20s this morning. low to mid 50s around the bay
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shore, los gatos 58, upper 50s in the east bay valleys. low to mid 50s money pray bay also as you head inland. a lot of sun warmer this afternoon, spare the air means no burning of wood until midnight looks like it will be dry through monday. tuesday, wednesday the pattern starts to shift. the worst air quality in the santa clara valley and north bay. oakland also has pretty poor air quality. it can be anywhere during the day today. what else we'll have today? temperatures warmer than average by six degrees in san francisco and san jose, seven fremont, 65 in napa and oakland eight degrees warmer 65 livermore. sun will set at 5:10. we'll make a run at high temperatures today with low to mid 60s probably just a little short. santa rosa the warmest spot 67. tomorrow warmer as will friday, another run at record highs then. monterey bay mid to upper 60s
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around the bay shore also as you head into the inland valleys. around the state clouds around l.a. and palm springs still dry, 70 and 74. sunny tahoe 47. mid 60s through the central valley to big sur and in san diego. tonight[í ç fy up in the north bay up wither 20s around santa rosa, napa, everybody else in our inland valleys low to mid 40s. mid to upper 30s most of the bay shore and south bay. we could hit low to mid 40s around san mateo, half moon bay and san francisco. high pressure dominating. upper level low that slid by yesterday bringing southern california clouds main jet stream well up to the north gathering arctic air and depositing it east of the rockies. getting ready for an arctic outbreak temperatures are going to change, 30 to 40° in some areas in the upper midwest. for us, nothing like that.
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14% of where we should be for this time of the year. last year we were about 180% such good skiing last year at this time. especially with the holiday weekend coming up. not going to be the case this time. they are still make it at night, still grooming it. temperatures at home mid to upper 60s tomorrow and friday. 50s as we transition monday, tuesday. still dry, wednesday, thursday is when the rain comes in. more news now. federal regulators halted imported shipments of orange juice into the u.s. and are testing the juice for possible pesticide contamination. the move after a juice company alerted the fda that it found a fungicide in its juice and that it turned up in other brands. the fungicide is banned in the. is but used in brazil. the fda tells abc news that preliminary tests show fungicide levels are well below any safety concerns. no products have been recalled
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the price has spiked up. ford is recalling nearly half a million minivans and suv's because of mechanical issues, it affects more than 200,000 free star and mercury monterey minute very vans from the 2004-2005 years. vehicles could lose power. more than 240,000 escape suv made during 2001,-2002 because of a leaky brake fluid cap. ford will inform owners over the coming days and replace the parts for free. what do you get the couple who has everything? >> up next, what california's governor gave prince william and kate. and some of the odder items
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today, myth bust wag is true what is not when it comes to healthy eating. then, finding your way around using your smartphone. the best navigation apps to get you where you're going. the over-the-counter cold medicines that could require a prescription to use. those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. forget royal wedding gifts prince william and the duchess of cambridge today revealed the gifts they got in their north american tour. >> they visited canada and
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california last summer this is video of them in los angeles where governor brown gave william and kate an apple ipad on their visit to southern california. >> palace records show they could coasters in the sheriff gives from canada include a of whiskey, two mosquito traps, peacock fast naters and three pairs of -- fastenators and three pairs of shoes what is a peacock fastenator? >> it is the thing they wear on their head with the big feathers. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. avoid the peacock fastenators. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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